Courage to Not Be Silent

She is the voice of courage in a desperate land.  One voice that would not be silenced in the vastness of human  suffering.  Eman AL – Obeidy desperate to put the world on notice of what is going on in her country.  In Tripoli, Libya the struggle for life and honor is a harsh reality.  Women are looked at differently as they are here in the US.  It is still a dishonor for them to be raped.  How strange that the dishonor is not on the attacker!  Eman AL – Obeidy survived a brutal attack at the hands of a brutal government that will not go out easy.  She escaped her rapists to run to the hotel, where our reporters were staying to cover the civil war between, Muammar Muhammad al Gaddafi and the Rebels.  A huge risk in a war-torn nation where descent is met with quick and severe violence.  She was able to make it to our reporters and tell her horrible story of being gang raped by Gaddafi soldiers, but was quickly pulled from the safety of the reporters.  A bag was even placed over her head by a couple of other women!  These police, were yelling that they were hauling her off to a hospital as she screamed that they were taking her to jail.  The camera men tried to protect her, but were no match against the knife and gun pulled and the number of men that came to take her away.         

Eman Al - Obeidy seen on CNN shown taken away

Eman Al - Obeidy taken away by Gaddafi forces

 The government later stated she was indeed taken to jail but released, however our journalists have not been able to locate her.  As you can imagine, they are anxious to find out her condition and if she is indeed now safe.  At this time it is not known if she is okay.  I’m sure she is but one story of the awful events of what the citizens of this country is going through.  May our hearts go out to Eman and all others that are suffering there.  Eman AL – Obeidy had the courage to speak of the horrendous acts perpetrated against her knowing that it could cost her, her very life.  Perhaps she felt that she may be safe if she could only reach our reporters?  Her speaking out let the world knows more about what is really going on in that part of the world.  How severe it is there.  I wish to send a prayer out to them in this time of need as I know that others are touched by their stories of need.  We can all be grateful that her family and tribe are behind her all the way.  As they should be.  May we always be behind the victim of such senseless acts of violence against another human being.  Nic Robertson, one of the reporters is still working diligently to locate this woman and find out her condition.  It is known that she had injuries, before she was thrashed away. 3/29/2011

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I love animals & working to protect them. The way I do this is mainly by supporting environmental bills that will help ensure their safety. I have two tri color Collies of my own, named Kindr N Stix that I adore & love to write about as well. I enjoy to throw a splash of humor and music videos when the mood strikes me as well. Welcome and hope you enjoy your visit.
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