To Buy an Egg and the Senate Bill 510

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Wow, it’s not as easy to go shopping today as it was in the good ole days of yesteryear. Our human numbers have become very large. In fact if we saw another species numbering so large we would see to it that we started to thin out the crop a bit. We would feel justified in doing so for some reason. You may wonder where am I going with this? Well, when a species gets large in number they must eat and eliminate. There are problems that come with that large number. One of our problems of such large numbers of us is that we consume large quantities of food sources. This leads us to the recent Egg crisis. Yes, eggs made it into the news as being contaminated and causing many deaths in the United States in the past few weeks. As of September 1st. there have been 1,300.00 sickened by Salmonella poisoning in the US.

Yes it makes sense that if Hens are confined in tight cages right up next to each other that pathogens and bacteria can spread more easily and rapidly, but on the other hand Hens can become infected from wildlife. But isn’t there such a thing as the immune system that can fend off infection that will better be able to take care of things if the Hen is not stressed in a caged type of situation? If a Hen is sickened in a free range environment then the chances of spread would also be less or at least slower than in a condition of extreme stress and close confinement.

So best thing is to know where your egg is from when you are buying your eggs. There are so many labels out there now that this is getting difficult to know what to do? The Animal Humane breaks this down in a very detailed list: Egg Carton Labels. My picks would be Certified Humane or Animal Welfare Approved, with the last not having any that sell to grocery stores. See for yourself and click on the above link, Egg Carton Labels and find out for yourself which one you wish to purchase.   The last item on this list is one that really got to me and that is that the male chicks, Roosters at an egg ranch are killed! Just makes me want to buy my own Hens and produce my own darn eggs.

It really comes down to having problems from mass production and not being self sufficient in our own areas. It really seems as if we need to look at scaling down. Senate Bill 510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Doesn’t seem to be in favor of down sizing but in favor of the larger farmer and rancher.  There will be a fee for involved when it comes to recalls, reinspection’s and importation activities, anyone selling foods home grown other than for personal use will be charged a fee for any noncompliance . It seems to me that the FDA sees this as a way to pass laws for it’s own purposes rather to seriously look at what is wrong with an inhumane system.  See section 107, Part 6- Fees Related to Food SEC. 743. Authority to Collect and Use Fees.  Read a little about it and if you feel driven, make a call to your States Senator.  I called the author of the bill, Senator Richard J Durbin’s office in Washington and found the issue very involved.    We need to make small sustainable food sources more accessible not less!

Beltorions, the site that I found the video below, has suggested to me people can also find very useful information at the below listed site.  You can find a petition that you can sign as well regarding our free choice to maintain the option to choose natural and herbal products as healthy alternatives for our physical well being.  Basically the FDA has control over how they see nutritional supplements.  When speaking with the Washington office of Richard Durbin today I was told that if the FDA can choose to categorize them as foods or as drugs.  This bill will not protect herbal supplements from whatever the FDA decides.

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I love animals & working to protect them. The way I do this is mainly by supporting environmental bills that will help ensure their safety. I have two tri color Collies of my own, named Kindr N Stix that I adore & love to write about as well. I enjoy to throw a splash of humor and music videos when the mood strikes me as well. Welcome and hope you enjoy your visit.
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6 Responses to To Buy an Egg and the Senate Bill 510

    • pawzy4 says:

      Thank you Mike for this information. I have taken that and went to the bill directly and called Richard Durbin’s office in Washington to be sure. There is no exact amount placed on the fees. The fees would be for reinspection, recall, and importation activities. This could be hard on the smaller farmer, since the paper work can be confusing and errors can be made and thus fees could result. I thank you for your help Mike and have a great day. : )

  1. Mary A says:

    Making small sustainable food sources more accessible is never going to happen. Why?? Because Big Brother will have a hard time controlling those sources. Be assured that they will not give up control. There are less ranchers and farmers producing our food resources. We are importing more and more from other countries….surprise, surprise. Yes, our country is in a downward spiral and with the current Administration, House, and Congress running our government/country there will be no mercy….the downward spiral will continue. Don’t expect things to go back to what 97% of the citizens consider normal….there is a new kid in town and his normal has nothing to do with the 200+ years of normal this country has known historically. The people voted for change….too bad they didn’t insist on knowing just what the changes were going to be. What is really sad is that these same people that voted for the current Administration don’t even recognize when they are being controlled, manipulated, and economically raped and pillaged. The slate needs to be wiped clean, Washington needs to be scrubbed of all the old fogies and incumbents, and we need to begin anew.

    Sooooo, bottom line….if we don’t take back control of our own country, farmers will become more desperate and will take unhealthy shortcuts. The population will continue growing with no answers on how to take care of everyone. Big Brother will continue to be in charge and we will continue shutting down the few plants that actually make things in this country and we’ll continue sending everything overseas for production and management. WE The People better wake up, stand up, and speak up before it’s too late!!

    • pawzy4 says:

      This is a very tough subject. I do agree that we all need to start listening and speaking up! Farmers already take what many of us feel are harmful shortcuts. FDA is not out for our best interests but for Corp. best interests. I don’t that any of us can trust any US administration. It is a harsh state of affairs. The best that I can do is to call em on things when I see what I don’t like and I keep doing it with my phone calls to my State Reps and Senators. The other thing to do in these times is to balance myself so that I don’t go crazy. So I am finding more and more time to be together with the ones that I love. Just to make time for our hearts in all of this madness.

      • Mary A says:

        I agree….this is a very tough subject. And, one that will have many sides, views, opinions, etc. I wish I could just wave a magic wand and get everyone to actually listen to all sides and come together as a people to work hand in hand to map out our future and the short future of the live animals that become our food sources.

        Thank you for sharing this important topic. There is so much more to this and it is so easy to go down various roads when trying to respond to what you’ve presented. I hope I didn’t make anyone uncomfortable by the path I took…… 🙂

      • pawzy4 says:

        Hi Mary, I think that we all are moved by this subject. Your response is a good one. We all need to have some emotion when it comes to our health and the safety and humane treatment of the animals that we eventually consume. It is a complicated topic that I found leads to so many others! Whew! : )

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