The Escape Artist

Wow, who says that animals don’t have brains, stands corrected here!  Amazing skill and agility as this dog maneuvers out of his confines to freedom.   At first I thought the dog was even going to let his friends out as well.  But, alas, they are on their own.  I thought it funny how the one dog came over and looked up as if to say, “how did you even get up there?”

Honey, don’t worry, I’ll be home before they even notice I was gone!


About pawzy4

I love animals & working to protect them. The way I do this is mainly by supporting environmental bills that will help ensure their safety. I have two tri color Collies of my own, named Kindr N Stix that I adore & love to write about as well. I enjoy to throw a splash of humor and music videos when the mood strikes me as well. Welcome and hope you enjoy your visit.
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