Camping With Asthma, Will Mean More Planning!

The best tip that I can give is to have a designated space set aside so everyone going on the trip, will know where your inhaler will be.  You will also need to have at least a couple of inhalers with you.  This will mean, a call to your doctor before the time of your trip to make sure you can pick up an extra back up inhaler just for your wonderful get-a-way.    One inhaler must always be in a particular spot in the car where all with you will know where to get it.  The car is a great spot to keep your inhaler when camping because it will not get washed away by flash floods, blown away by crazy wild winds, or dropped over cliffs.  Only problem here is that it may be too far away from you when you are out and about.  Hence, plan B.  You must have a good day pack or back pack that you keep with you at all times when in the camp site or out on your hike.  It must be kept in a pocket that is of easy access and is the only thing in that pocket.  I do mean easy access!  That you can reach as you are hiking.  This is for two reasons.  If you are having an attack, you don’t want to have to fumble through a bunch of stuff to finally get to your inhaler and the other reason is so that others with you will be able to go directly to it. 

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 If you are triggered by wind or temperature then try your best to place yourself in the best environment possible to protect from these elements.  This may not always be possible.  Hence, plan B again.  Have allergy medication that can work as a preventative so that you will not have to rely on your emergency inhaler.  Always take your preventative allergy medication.  Know the area that you are staying in,  the plant and animal life that will be in the area.  Set up camp where you are least likely to be triggered.  You may not know till it hits.  If it does hit, stay as calm as possible and think about where and what you were doing as the symptoms came on.  Symptoms can vary for each individual.  I will get short of breath, may have itchy throat and know that I need a change of venue so to speak. 

If you have a severe asthma condition, before you set out into the wilds, you must speak with your Dr. first and have a health plan in action.  This may include a prescription of predisone.  I have severe asthma and for me, it would be possible that I may need prednisone. 

Bedding is very important.  Hypoallergenic pillows and bags if possible.  If not then work on keeping dust levels down to a minimum.  When camping, one of the funniest parts, are the night-time fire.  Oh yeah!   However, smoke is not the best for asthma.  So if you must enjoy the fire, stay out of the smoke.  I know, easier said than done.  Spoken from experience here.

Last and not least, stay hydrated!  Water is very good for asthma sufferers.  It helps to thin out secretions that can become thick and hard to breath with.  Water will help to keep airways clear.  Always have a fresh water on hand.  Keep water in the campsite, car and in your fanny or back pack.  Also try to keep the cooler stocked with ice.  If you get overheated you can cool down with ice and help to keep the histamines from taking over.  Keeping a wash cloth available to rinse your face of dust and to keep cool is a very helpful technique.

Most of all, have some safe fun!  Keep breathing and enjoy nature.

This article was first published on Helium.

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