What’s It is Going To Be?

Are we to start using the gift, given to us as intelligent creatures, or are we to keep wasting our time using the same old methods that have worked for years, just because?  Ignorance, denial and apathy…  The old methods have worked okay for years, they will continue to, right? I say wrong.  So do many others at this point.   I speak here not as a Democrat, a Republican or a Liberal, but as a hominid.  As a human being that sees things for what they are, messed up!    The gulf oil spill, should be a wake up call, it’s not the first spill, it won’t be the last.  Do we not have the intelligence enough to devise another energy alternative?  Sure we do.  We just have to put our collective focus on it.    

We talk about driving asteroids away from our planet with all sorts of means, then we can figure out how to fuel our cars and power our computers a new way.  It will take time, but it can be done, if our focus and our own energies are put to the task.    If we can only see what our oil needs are doing to our lives.

Gulf oil spill 2010
Dolphin victim of Gulf Oil crisis


This Thursday there is a Senate agenda meeting to discuss our energy future.  We as Americans have a say.  We can stand up and let it be known that we can overcome the crisis that we face.  Go to this site and let your voice be heard, we can give small companies, incentives to work on developing alternative energy.  Take the first step and let the senate, know now, that the gulf crisis is a wake up call for the political process as well.  We Americans are coming out of our slumber and want to fight for our rights to a cleaner world for all to live in.   

Defenders org Advocacy take action now site.  

The crisis that we now face is the continued contamination of our very planet, with the toxic product that a few, very wealthy people feel is vital for our economy.  It is not!  Oil is vital to the pocket books of the oil industry!  I had a chance to go door to door in the very well to do oil neighborhoods of the oil industry area out here in Long Beach, CA.  I was amazed at how much wealth they had!  One home actually had a pure gold door knocker!  So much money was put into the homes that they live in, when the lives of animals and even people are in jeopardy every moment that we keep using this resource to fuel America.  The oil industry and the people that they pay off, live much differently than most of the Americans that I know.  I certainly don’t have a gold door knocker or a boat dock out back and marble steps outside leading up to my front door. 

What I do have, are values and feelings for the dying sea life.  I have an understanding that I can make a difference by looking at alternatives.  I can recycle what I use, instead of wasting it.   We all have choices.  Let’s focus on an alternative, instead of saying that we are stuck and can’t, that we can’t move forward and advance.  We can, if we only work hard enough and long enough.  Let’s stop work on cloning new things and work on saving the lives that are here and now.

Oiled Sea otter
Oiled Wildlife Care Network work at cleaning sea otter.

Photo: CADFG
Green Answers.com  See full article at Everythingcollies.com

About pawzy4

I love animals & working to protect them. The way I do this is mainly by supporting environmental bills that will help ensure their safety. I have two tri color Collies of my own, named Kindr N Stix that I adore & love to write about as well. I enjoy to throw a splash of humor and music videos when the mood strikes me as well. Welcome and hope you enjoy your visit.
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