Easy Mistake, Right?


My Dear Friend, Geri, sent this hilarious email to me and I had to share it with folks.  This is great!  I’m so glad I have not had a moment quite this extreme yet!  lol…. 


She seems fragile, not, confused, possible.

Fragile she's not, confused, possible..






About pawzy4

I love animals & working to protect them. The way I do this is mainly by supporting environmental bills that will help ensure their safety. I have two tri color Collies of my own, named Kindr N Stix that I adore & love to write about as well. I enjoy to throw a splash of humor and music videos when the mood strikes me as well. Welcome and hope you enjoy your visit.
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3 Responses to Easy Mistake, Right?

  1. Mike Boozer says:

    man this is great,

    Nice post, I like the site

    -Mike Boozer, http://somebodyhadtosayit.com

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