Faith and Belief in a Better Day.

With the past year that we have all had here, on this dusty and strained earth, we all look towards a better day.  Each of us have a different definition of what better may be, but we seem to all be looking for a better way.  First step is to believe that there is a peace and warmth that will be again.  This earth brings many of it’s inhabitants much sorrow and grief but it also brings the victory of triumph in the face of the struggle.
As Faith Hill sings in this video below, there will be a day when we shall no longer be so burdened.

This is what makes for the best movies of all time.  The theme of our very lives played out on screen.  Struggle against the harsh odds.  A struggle that succeeds due to faith and determination.  A determination that can’t exist without some sort of hope for a better outcome in the end.  Some do this through prayer and others through meditation and some through pure physical exertion. 

We all want to believe that we will never loose that hope, and faith.  To be able to keep on that road that we all want to be on. We want to keep that innocent faithfulness that we seem to be born with, which slowly gets weakened by the sad and harsh realities of this life.  Just hold on to the belief that we are all truly special and there is a place for each of us. 

One way I find that I can pull my self up when I start to loose my faith is to pray or to listen to music.  Another great way is to lighten up with some great comedy.  Seems to bring things back into perspective for me.  Miracles happen, with the faith that they can.

About pawzy4

I love animals & working to protect them. The way I do this is mainly by supporting environmental bills that will help ensure their safety. I have two tri color Collies of my own, named Kindr N Stix that I adore & love to write about as well. I enjoy to throw a splash of humor and music videos when the mood strikes me as well. Welcome and hope you enjoy your visit.
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