“Your in the Arms of the Angels, Fly away from here.”Angel

Angel – By Sarah McLachlan
A song of luminous and sacred beauty.  One that has the ability to stir your inner being with the softest imagery of grace.  The line,  “You’re in the arms of the angels.”  http://youtu.be/i1GmxMTwUgs

There are times, we can feel overwhelmed.   So much wrong in this place we call, the world.  The one place that we can find comfort, is in our beliefs.  Whatever they are.  For some those beliefs include angels.  Some find peace in getting back to nature and being able to hear the wind and feel the natural elements.  Just to be able to have some alone time with the wind, trees, a gentle brook can bring about harmony for ones soul.

There are so many people who don’t even get a break now from the constant hum of city life, to be able to sit quietly, to hear the wind through the leaves.  This regrouping is so important to our heart condition.  We need the chance to just hear ourselves and listen to what we are, to what we need as a human being.

Sometimes this kind of peace can come to someone in the form of a song.  Music can transform a person’s mood.   There are times that I want something a bit on the wild side and other times something inspirational.  This song helps me to bring back that inspiration and sense of something better than what I am currently living with.

Many folks believe in angels.  I am one that does.  Things sometimes happen that no one can explain.  If we take the time to listen,  to believe, I think that we can better our lives with the aid from somewhere beyond ourselves.

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Recurring Dog Staff Infections.

Our female collie, Kindr, has had a terrible time with a recurring infection on the left side of her head. She now has had the two surgeries, and many rounds of antibiotic therapy to only have this crazy infection pop back up behind her left eye. What is really frightening is the location is so fragile. Close to her dog brain and her fragile facial bones.

We have many times over had to bring her in and soak her head with warm compress’ and help drain the area and then cleanse the area with topical ointments. She is so brave for it all. We can tell it hurts her, but she endures it with grace. I love it when she hands me her paw. Perhaps that is to distract us or keep us from working on the site any further, but it is so cute when she keeps handing us that paw.

This time the veterinarian took a biopsy and found a strong staff infection. She has not recommended any further surgery but wants to give 6 weeks of antibiotics!  Our wonderful veterinarian is puzzled at the strange re-occurrences of this infection.  I looked up dog staff infections on the net and found that there is something that we can do to further help, to make the antibiotics work for her.  We can give both our dogs omega 3 fatty fish oil.  It could help give their immune systems a boost.  Stix and his lupus need much help, maybe this could help do the trick.   We are going to give this a try, and  re post to let you all know how this works.


On Left Stix with raw little nose and Kindr on right with infection above her eye. Poor babies.

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The Path of Self Actualization is Different for Each of Us.


Each of us walk the path of recovery from painful events, in our own ways. We celebrate that achievement by not condemning each others methods. Some of us work through things by witting, by talking or by closing ourselves off for a time. Some people turn to working at making the emotional pain less by medicating. There are as many ways of working through difficult experiences as there are traumatic experiences to be had and people who have them. Isn’t it written someplace high, it is not ours to judge, but to love one another through this life?

Dealing with life’s ups and downs can be a challenge, but with grace shall we all walk through it together. Acceptance is something that is difficult at best, but once achieved is so beneficial to any relationship.

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Never Too Old

We are never too old to learn new and even more meaningful new things.  In fact the older I get the more I glean from new lessons in life.  It’s as if I can feel my great creator sayin, “Now that is what I’m talkin about.”

God's gifts are found all around us.

Yeah, this life is a wild ride, but it’s worth the seat if we ride it with love in our hearts, and compassion for our fellow human companions.

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The Unspoken Topic, Embrace it.

What is the unspoken topic? There are many tragedies survivors are encouraged to get together afterwards and talk it out about so that it takes the harmful power, away from the event.  People in the event and outside of it are encouraged to mingle and share feelings, vent, in  hopes of feeling purged of the negative harmful thoughts, to be able to walk away strengthened by the support of their community and each other. It does work. It does help. It may not bring back the dead or take away the injuries but it does help to heal the wounds.

But what happens for the victims of the most personal and violent attack of all? Those that have lost the most significant faith in people through force used against them?  They face quite a different outcome. Sadly, they are not treated with the same dignity. They have survived the worst, that man can inflict, yet they are usually told to leave it in the past, “it’s best to forget about it,” or worse yet, “How did you present yourself so that this could happen.” Yes, I am talking about the crime of rape or inter-family sexually assault. Why can’t we as a society come together as with any other horrific crime, to the aid of a survivor of a tragic event, and talk them through it? Just because this crime usually happens behind closed doors does not mean that it didn’t happen. Just because it takes place earlier, and others find out after the fact doesn’t make it any less painful for the survivor. Just because the survivor stops talking about the event after they are told it’s best to put it in the past, they still have it going around in their minds. Only now it’s worse. It’s been stifled. Now they feel as if they have said something wrong again. It’s a very deeply sad feeling, one of which I have a personal experience with. There is nowhere to go with the feelings as the person who told you to let it go, is now on with other conversation. The survivor is working very hard to follow along at this point.

These violent crimes make no sense, and the lack of support are just like salt in the wound. Making it all that much harder for the survivor to work through the normal healing process that needs to happen. The questions of why, will go around and around. Many times the survivor of childhood sexual abuse will not even know that  the sexual abuse is a form of sex at all?   Often not understanding what the sexual act itself is, till they grow up to have children of their own.  For me, it was a chore that was so much worse than washing the dishes. When I had my first child, that is when I realized that it was not only a chore but……!   It was devastating. I had no one at the time to talk with about it.  I found my self in crisis and alone with it all. Not a good place to climb out of.

The hope is, in writing this, to create more public dialogue to help others that are in the same boat. For it is not anything that they did wrong and they should not feel left alone with it. They should feel embraced by others. Just as we embrace those who lived through 911, Veterans of Wars, Cancers, etc… It’s part of the human condition to console each other and when that doesn’t happen the person not consoled is left to feel they are less than. Next time you feel compelled to change a subject, think twice, it could be the most endearing thing you could do for your human friend.  

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New World

World of Dreams Where It's So Possible!

World of Dreams Where It's So Possible!

by: Dawn L. Pollock

Dream me away

far, far away,

away from this place

where dragonflies fall,

and souls

forget to pray.

Dream me away,

away to a place

where mountains fly,

children don’t grimly ask why.

A place to belong amongst harmonious array.

Only prayers of thanks, shall be uttered from ones

exultant lips.

Orange World Dreams
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Thought for the day. : )

Do my words like shelter,

fall gently upon those that I love?

Warm Forest Shelter
Warm forest shelter

Quote: Dawn Pollock
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Apathy No More!

Washington DC Capitol Building

Washington DC Capitol building

Should we all be upset with the way things are going in our government? Yes! We have all had to do some of our own cut backs in our own homes. We have had to figure out how to grow our money, so to speak. Why can’t our elected officials do the same? Simple, they are bought by big money from many areas. We need to say enough is enough. It’s time to voice our concerns. Forget the Tea Party, the new movement, Apathy No More!

Balance the deficit by cutting spending and raising revenue. We have had to do just that in our home. It’s not rocket science. Revenues can come from where the most CAN come from. Big oil can handle it, really. I think these big tycoons should step forward and volunteer at this moment in time, are they, no. Sad. What a, “all for ourselves,” society we all live in.

We true Americans, you know the ones that aren’t elected to be in Congress and sit there and not compromise should start our own party, Apathy no more! It’s way over due. While you all have your own health plans and security, you plan to strip us of everything. That is not what our Country’s original leaders were about. It’s time to Forget the Tea Party that is only about themselves and make decisions FOR, Americans. We want a balanced approach. My husband was a Republican and left the party a couple of years ago in utter disgust. Both parties need reform now! Balance your Deficit with compromise and true American ingenuity, it can be done.


This article can also be seen at my other blog site: Everythingcollies.com

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